The daily mantra

14 September 2018

De-learn what you have learned as a child and re-learn as an adult the right way.


13 September 2018

“Because the strongest force in the mind is its need to make us act in ways that match our thinking it is vital to change any negative thoughts and beliefs about you and your capabilities.”

A quote from Marisa Peer, The Ultimate Confidence

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12 September 2018

Growing up yourself as an adult free from all limitations and beliefs that you inherited and collected is easier of you stay committed to your progress even if you fall.


11 September 2018

Love is just like cooking

What you put in your love relationship, will for certain come out. You need to take responsibility not only over the actions, but also over the quality of the energy that you share with your partner at a subtle level.

Choose consciously the best ingredients for your meal: step into the highest, most beneficial vibration when connecting to your partner.

Love. Progress. Live the progres


10 September 2018

Self Love benefits your relationship

The acts of self love are those who actually strenghten and enrich your relationship with your partner. Take a few moments to reflect on the effects of self love on your relationship.

Love. Progress. Live the progress


9 September 2018

Gratitude is the source of happiness

The more we advance in life, the clearer it becomes that the source of our happiness is inside each of us. Happiness is a state of our minds and bodies triggered by the sanity of toughts and actions, always achieved through practice.  A great daily happiness practice is being grateful for being alive and all the wonderful gifts received so far and those that are on their way.

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Love. Progress. Live the progress


8 September 2018

Be aware and let go

Whenever you feel that negative thoughts and emotions are taking over your body, be aware of the potential negative impact it may cause in just minutes.

Refrain from acting.

Instead of letting them out in a conversation with a loved one so as to produce hurt or letting them control your behaviour, let them go by turning to your inner peace and stillness.

Try to breath consciously, meditate, relax by listening to music, walk, do anything that you know it helps, cry to let everything out or just go to sleep. The body intuitively finds its ways to letting go and cure.

Love. Progress. Live the progress


7 September 2018


Those that we regard as obstacles are just the stages in our evolution.

Love. Progress. Live the progress


6 September 2018

Morning affirmation

If you feel that something is missing in your life, grab a pencil and write down an affirmation for manifesting that one thing that you have not yet manifested.

Choose wisely, always wishing the best for you and all the other persons involved.

Start your day with that affirmation. Repeat it as many times as you feel the need to so that it becomes a part of who you are.

Love. Progress. Live the progress


5 September 2018

Accepting happiness

Choose, accept and receive happiness in your life every single day, being aware that happiness is a fundamental birth gift that each of us already has.

We all have the right to be happy no matter the level of evolution we are at a a certain point in time. We all deserve our perfect happiness.

Open your arms widely to receive it.

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Love. Progress. Live the progress


4 September 2018

Pursue as much growth and improvement in your life so that you are able to let your dreams become your life.

Love. Progress. Live the progress


3 September 2018

Connecting to nature almost instantly shifts our energy and heals us.

Every time you feel you have no resource left in your body, no solution or feel stuck, remember to go out alone for a walk in nature or take a few minutes to watch silently the beauty and fragility of a flower.

Love. Progress. Live the progress


2 September 2018

The best advice we receive from our looking in the mirror in the morning is how to improve our self love.

Look careffuly tomorrow morning and whisper to your mirror a loving word.


1 September 2018

Releasing fears creates space for manifestation and fullfilment in our lives. Stay committed to releasing your known and unknown fears.


31 August 2018

A daily practice of silence is the first step to practicing meditation

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