What’s your life’s number one rule?

What we believe in determines our actions and how we behave.

What do you believe in as your life’s number one rule or guiding principle and what are the benefits of finding this out?

One of the main reasons I love Tony Robbins is that he made me realize many years ago that the number one rule in my life is staying keen to progress every day in every way possible for me. This truth was revealed to me so clearly when listening to one of his great speaches about how decisions shape our destiny. My whole body shaked in that moment, that’s when I knew for sure that I believed in progress day by day more than anything.

So my number one advice for those who have not yet found their “leading light” is to put as much energy and attention possible in the search for that rule, for that principle, for that affirmation that moves every cell in your body. Your body is connected to the infinite source of intelligence of the universe. Trust it and the signals you receive.

For those of you who did find it, you may ask yourselves why is it important for me to have this one guiding rule in my life. Besides, will I manage to stay true and committed to what this implies in those tough times when I feel everything is lost?


In those tough times it will certainly serve your decision making process. Instead of being lost in the mind’s never ending projections and dialogue, instead of searching desperately for the pros and the cons of a particular life circumstance, just sit in silence remembering what really defines you as a human being. You will know what is true and meaningful for you in a particular situation. We are all unique. Some are committed to spirituality, others thrilled about science, and others just make their life purpose making people laugh or studying nature. Isn’t it great?

person standing on hand rails with arms wide open facing the mountains and clouds
Photo by Nina Uhlíková on Pexels.com

There is no better moment then the present moment for you to start searching or for you to start being committed to remembering what is your life’s number one rule.

This a call to action for us all to living intuitively and consciously, always connected to our higher selves.

Search. Progress. Live the progress.


The sharparrrow