Setting up a plan for progress. Tips for getting the best from reading a book

Books are one of our essential tools for growth.

When the time comes for you to set up a plan for progress in any area of your life, the first question that probably comes to your mind is what do I know about the subject and where should I look for the information that I need in order to be prepared to reach the level of proficiency that I target.

One of the easiest ways to start your individual progress in almost anything is reading. And no, searching the internet is usually not enough.

Remember, there are great available books to support you in your healing, health, fitness, change of mindset and almost anything that you could imagine. Just search. My own experience showed me that reading spiritual books is connecting to the author’s energy and one of the greatest begininngs for any spiritual practice.

Before you start reading, set up the intention that you will take the best information for you from that book and that the information will stay with you and support your actions. Take a couple of minutes to also read about the author’s life and activities or, if it’s not the first time you read that author, read those once again to remind yourself and connect to the author.

As you go through the book, highlight the sections that you reasonate with and also the information that is new and helps you.

Avoid reading in a hurry.

After finishing the book, read once again the highlighted sections, write down the summary of the relevant highlighted sections or record an audio summary of the book. This is an essential part of your commitment to getting as much of the book as possible. Remember that this step is equally important to actually reading the book.

From time to time, read once again the books summaries in your computer or play your audio recordings while driving to work in the morning or while cleaning the house or cooking. Remember to always return to the book whenever you feel to.

This a call to action for you to set up list of interests and areas of your life that you want to improve.

Then search the internet for the best books and audio books for you to start gathering your information.

Keep track of the changes that occur in your life, mind and body and amend your list and books accordingly.

We all have to start somewhere. Let’s start with a book!

Love. Progress. Live the progress